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The curry of Durban is derived from the hot peasant curries that were brought by the Indian immigrants from the provinces of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. One order serves three people.

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Their curry is a very spicy red curry, its dominant color coming from the fiery dried chilies used as the major ingredient in the curry powder.

In the U.S.A., the best equivalent to Durban Masala curry powder would be a “red curry powder” rather than the typical curry powder found on our supermarket shelves which tends to be yellow in color from the turmeric in it. In addition, a good dose of cayenne pepper fires things up.

Durban Curry was adopted by the British settlers and also the Zulu inhabitants, simplified and streamlined to become a staple enjoyed by all. It is the one dish that everyone regardless of skin color is passionate about.

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Chicken per Frozen Container (Serves 3, Lamb per Frozen Container (Serves 3, Vegetable per Frozen Container (Serves 3)


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